The Selkirk Rex a British Shorthair with curls??? A comparison of the breed standards:



British Shorthair


Selkirk Rex



Excellent ear set, round (fore)head, round jawline and round features all over, cobby body on short legs.

Round head without  pinch or square muzzle.


Round head with square muzzle

Good ear set (upright and forward).

Good eye width, slight downward bias. Good nose slope and matchbox muzzle shape and size with square alignment. Strong chin. Full, dense, heavy curl.

Big, round, placed well apart and horizontally.


Groot, rond, licht schuin en wijd uit elkaar geplaatst.

Broad and straight nose with slight curve in forehead to nose.

Nose line

Clear slope

Small and rounded.


Semi large with pointed tops.

Big round eyes, round (fore)head, round jaw line, round features all over.

Short massive body, straight back.


Semi-cobby, with slightly elevated back.

Excellent nose slope. Good profile and doming. Good cheek roundness.


Cat is low on his legs. Legs are short.


Middle long legs

Firm, thick coat.


Thick, soft coat.


An excellent example of the British Shorthair breedr

Selkirk Rex without British Shorthair in it's pedigree.