Qelvinn & Quandor

Because we just couln't choose between Qelvinn and Quandor we kept both boys. That's why we wanted to give them a page on our website together. Both have a thick coat with a nice texture. Qelvinn as a baby was a very light shade of cream in colour and almost without ghostmarking. Both boys also have a nice orange eye colour. Quandor by the way is a genetic cream under his white coat.

Qelvinn is the loud mouth of the two. He's quite jealous in nature. When any other cat tries to sit on Geneviève's lap, he will creep in between en twiggles around untill the other cats goes away and he has her lap all to himself. Where he will then cuddle and purr his head off. Qelvinn's other big passion is eating. Quandor compared to Quelvinn is very quiet and docile in character. He loves to sit next to you on the couch/on your lap whilst purring loudly. Sometimes he thinks he's a parrot and climbs onto your shoulder. Whenever great grandmother Daisy sits on our lap, Quandor believes that that's his spot and crawls next to her. Quandor also enjoys cuddling the other cats a lot. Quandor loves eating and cat treats aswell. 

Qelvinn very selectively will be available for stud services. Quandor will become available after his second HCM test.


Both males have been tested to see whether they are chocolate carriers. Qelvinn isn't, but Quandor is.


Both their parents have been tested on HCM. Kali was also tested negative for PKD. 

Quador had to undergo a BEAR test at seven weeks old.

It turned out that his hearing is 100% in both ears.


HCM 22-08-2008 No peculiarities
PKD 22-08-2008 Negative
Felv/Fiv 2009 2009
HCM 04-09-2009 No peculiarities
HCM 04-07-2008 No peculiarities
PKD 04-07-2008 Negative
Felv/Fiv 2009 2009



Place Date Organisation Class Result Title
Dordrecht 23-09-2007 NVVK 3-6 mths

Exc1, NBIS

Almere 11-11-2007 Neocat 3-6 mths Exc1, BIS BSH male 3-6 months
Utrecht 27-01-2007 Neocat 6-10 mths Exc1, BIV and NBIS

Nijmegen 28-09-2008 Neocat CAC U2
Oud Gastel 19-10-2008 NPV CAC CAC
Zutphen 09-11-2008 NKFV CAC CAC
Woerden 11-01-2009 NPV CAC CAC Champion
Place Date Organisation Class Result
Nijmegen 28-09-2008 Neocat CAC CAC, BIV
Oud Gastel 19-10-2008 NPV CAC CAC
Zutphen 09-11-2008 NKFV CAC CAC Champion


Qelvinn's first offspring was born on 16 april 2009.

Quandor's first offspring was born on 07 augustus 2009. His second litter was born on 31 augustus 2009.



Qelvinn & Quandor pedigree

March 2008





June 2008

Juli 2008

dec 2009