About CC

Cc was born in cattery Lelaurier which is in Gosberton, Spalding (UK). Cc is a true Selkirk Rex by nature, she loves to cuddle and is crazy in general. Cc is a blue tabby spotted girl and because of her mother also carries the cinnamon gene. Her father gave her the longhair gene.

We are so glad that Stef and Claire allowed us to take her into our home.

Cc in type is a good complement to our other Selkirk Rex that are too British Shorthair of type. She's a tiny girl, but has a good Selkirk Rex build.


Cc's both parents have been tested on PKD (negative). When Cc's older she will be tested for HCM and PKD like all our other cats.
PKD 04-07-2008 Negative
HCM 04-07-2008 No peculiarities


Place Date Organisation Result
Rotterdam 02-09-2007 NKU-SARA Exc 1
Almere 11-11-2007 Neocat Exc 1, BIV (Best Selkirk Rex) and BIS 6-10 mth female 'Other Breeds'
Utrecht 27-01-2008 Neocat Exc 1
Houten 06-04-2008 SaintProCat CAC
Rotterdam 24-08-2008 NKU-SARA CAC, NBIS



CC and her mom
Cc's Pedigree