Over Cassie

Cassiopeia (called Cassie by us) is a blue cream tabby Selkirk Rex longhair girl who was born in Hong Kong. She is such a sweet girl, loves to cuddle and loves to play. We are very gratefull that Anna and Lyman entrusted us with this lovely girl.


We're not sure which of her ancestors have been tested on PKD. So we took her for a test ourselves (like we do with all our cats).
PKD 06-06-2005 Negative
HCM 06-06-2005 No peculiarities
Felv/Fiv 12-08-2005 Negative
HCM 30-06-2006 No peculiarities
Felv/Fiv 28-09-2007 Negative
HCM 27-06-2008 No peculiarities


Cassie was shown up to Champion in CFA by Anna and Lyman before she came to live with us. Unfortunately she lost her title when it turned out that she isn't a blue cream, but a blue tortie tabby. We will try to show her to Champion in CFA again. She also has been shown in our own showsystem to European Champion.

Place Date Organisation Class Result
Utrecht 30-01-2004 Neocat 6-10 months Exc1
Roelofarendsveen 27-02-2005 NKFV  CAC CAC
Oudenbosch 11-12-2005 Saint ProCat CAC CAC, NBIS
Zegveld 15-01-2006 NPV CAC CAC
Gent (Belgium) 17-12-2006 Belgicat CACIB CACIB
Woerden 14-01-2007 NPV CACIB CACIB
Utrecht  28-01-2007 Neocat CACIB CACIB, BIV
Südlohn-Öding (Germany) 11-02-2007 NKV CAGCI CAGCI
Rotterdam 04-03-2007 NVVK CAGCI CAGCI, NBIS + special price of the judge
Houten 25-03-2007 Saint Pro Cat CAGCI CAGCI
Bergen op Zoom 15-04-2007 NKU-SARA CACE CACE, BIV, BIS adult female of all Rex breeds
Leverkusen (Germany) 22-04-2007 KVLev CACE CACE
Itterbeek (Belgium) 29-04-2007 Belgicat CACE CACE, NBIS
Oud Gastel 14-10-2007 NPV Honour Class Special Price Honour Class


Cassie had 2 litters.

  • L-litter (1 cream straight male, 1 blue straight male, 1 blue cream straight female, 1 blue tabby spotted curly male, 1 blue cream curly femali which is Lola Lamblike du Hovali)
  • V-litter (1 black tabby spotted male)


CASSIE's Pedigree (will be added shortly)